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Lorne Mackenzie

Lorne Mackenzie

Lorne brings 28 years of aviation regulatory compliance experience from Beijing, China to Victoria, BC and now resides in Calgary, Alberta, where for over 17 years, he ledWestJet's accessibility portfolio.


Having worked with government, industry, and advocacy groups his entire career has helped to develop a deep understanding of what the challenges are and how best to comply with the intent of the requirements.


Most importantly, he understands the need for all parties to collaboratively work together to achieve the mutually desired outcome of a barrier-free and pleasant travel experience.

Judith has spent most of her 30+ year career in Canadian aviation working to improve and influence services for passengers with disabilities. From her work in policies and procedures, training and education to equipment and materials, making the air travel experience more accessible is always the goal.


A long-time participant in government and industry committees and having worked for both airlines and ground handling providers, she brings the realities of the industry to the table but marries them with the needs of the community.  


A safety-driven focus protects the health and safety of the passenger with the regulated environment of the aviation business.  A human perspective strives to ensure that all persons are treated with dignity and respect.  

Judith Apa, a longtime aviation industry expert.

Judith Apa

Keri Kurtz, a customer experience specialist.

Keri Kurtz

Keri has had the absolute pleasure of serving the public for over 30 years working with process and policy improvements to create workable solutions to effectively manage customer experiences specifically when failures occurred. 


She has worked with many large-scale companies, such as Starwood Hotels, WestJet Airlines and ENMAX. Her technical background includes working knowledge of a wide range of platforms and multimedia programs, CRMs including all GDS reservation systems (such as Sabre and Galileo) SalesForce and Facebook and Twitter.      

Kimberly Raftery, a regulatory and legal specialist.

Kimberly Raftery

A 30+ year diverse career has provided Kimberly with varied exposures and experiences that will benefit our stakeholders. 

Beginning her career as a legal assistant to the Legal Director of the Public Trustee’s Office, provided opportunities early on to hold a passion to treat all individuals with respect and professionalism, regardless of ability or life-circumstances. Most recently she was a Regulatory Guest Relations Advisor for a major Canadian Airline, accommodating passengers under the Accessible Travel for Persons with Disabilities Regulations. Additionally, she dealt with passenger claims filed with the Canadian Transportation Agency, US Department of Transportation, Human Rights Commissions and other regulatory bodies.  This exposure further developed her passion to ensure the safest, most equitable experiences and that all persons are treated with dignity and respect.  

Kimberly’s comprehensive regulatory and legal background, combined with her strong administrative and financial skills contributes to the dynamic professional she is. CSAT is in line with her unique and extensive experience and specific talents and she is looking forward to making a positive impact on the industry.

Gail has a wealth of experience, both in the airline industry and with technical and software solutions. Most recently she has worked with WestJet Airlines and Flair Airlines in Canada, dealing with accessibility and other regulatory complaints.

While her background has a strong regulatory component, she supports the work of CSAT through the maintenance and development of the organization's software programs.

Gail Kabbeke, a regulatory and IT specialist.

Gail Kabbeke

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